Orthanc MySQL plugin crowdfunding campaign

06/07/2017 | Sébastien Jodogne | comments

In its 20 month existance, Osimis has received numerous requests from the Orthanc community to write a MySQL storage plugin for Orthanc. Though many feel the pain of not having this plugin available, none really want to support the cost of actually paying for the entirety of the development of this plugin.

About the plugin

Orthanc currently supports the following PostgreSQL, SQLite and MongoDB as DB Backends. We plan to add a MySQL plugin to the list of open-source plugins. MySQL is very popular in open source and will help out lots of Orthanc users.

Our needs

We evaluate the work to be performed to one man month to implement the plugin, test and package the plugin for Windows, OSX and Linux.

What you get

Once the plugin is developed, it will be open-sourced (under AGPL-3 license) like many other Orthanc plugins and everybody will be able to use it.

Other ways you can help

If you can't contribute with money, you can help:

By testing the software and report issues. Submitting patches Writing documentation

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Sébastien Jodogne

Sébastien is the messiah of open source software in medical imaging. As the creator of the open source DICOM server Orthanc he was granted the Award for Advancement in Free and Open Source Software at the MIT, Boston in 2015. As Chief Innovation Officer, Sebastien essentially does two things: he's constantly on the lookout for all things new to medical imaging AND to find a way get all of the beauty the open source way, therewith leading the path to open innovation. Sébastien loves command line.