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Elevating radiology towards an interdisciplinary, collaborative future – Aristra scales with Osimis

For Aristra, radiology is not a standalone field of expertise. They consider it as a diagnostic service interface in clinical treatment pathways for colleagues and patients, giving radiologists the chance to play a central role in interdisciplinary collaboration. Rather than operating radiology centers and investing in expensive equipment, Aristra focuses on the power of digital technology and the incomparable value of having a network of trained experts.


Healthcare professionals all over Germany and Switzerland rely on the Aristra network when they need radiology specialists with both extensive general radiology knowledge and sub-specialist expertise to help out when in-house resources run low. To connect the team with the clients, Aristra relied on the cloud-based OSIMIS portal to establish a scalable, professional exchange platform for safe, secure, and connected communication lines.


Addressing the need for accessibility and reliability

For Chris Haarburger, co-founder and technology lead at Aristra, building an expert network and connecting it broadly in an accessible and reliable format was the real light bulb moment fora successful business model. “The initial idea for the company was to create a network of these subspecialised experts so radiologists and their patients could instantly access a wealth of specialised knowledge when it’s not on-hand in their own healthcare setting,” explains Chris on the difference Aristra delivers to its customers. “We work as the intermediary between a medical image, its diagnostic assessment, and the specialist second opinion, so users can access a reliable clinical opinion.”


With 10 locations around Germany and Switzerland for MRI examinations and a service that offers appointments within24 hours, Aristra needed a means of securely and safely sharing medical imaging without any downtime, certification or reliability issues. For Chris and his team, that meant bridging the significant technological gap many radiology departments face due to a reliance on ageing and outdated legacy systems.


Taking legacy to the cloud – a smooth crossover

“I knew that addressing that gap meant really embracing new technologies and ideas,” reveals Chris. “Most radiology centers or departments are purely desktop-based with no real web connectivity, but we agreed that transitioning to a cloud-based solution with Osimis was the way to go. Being able to actively share imaging data without the need for outdated media like CDs made a significant impact on our decision to adopt the OSIMIS Portal.”


Having previously used the open source Orthanc software for many of its research projects, Chris and his team were already familiar with Osimis’ considerable experience of enabling medical images to flow freely, but with such a large network of experts and a growing customer base it was clear, they needed a technology partner operating at the forefront of healthcare innovation, with the utmost respect for IT security, certification requirements, and GDPR compliance outlines. So, when the Osimis team demonstrated how utilizing such a cloud solution could seamlessly integrate into their existing systems, it was clear this was the dynamic software canvas that Aristra was looking for.


Making the complex simple in the now

“In order to have a fully flat solution that covers the whole of teleradiology needs we needed a software tool with a programming interface,” adds Chris on the flexible application of OSIMISPortal. “So, with Osimis we can build our own software and reporting workflows without needing to worry about the flow of images. The OSIMIS platform is taking care of that seamlessly in the background.” With a data protection compliant solution in place, Aristra was free to customise its frontend to create a truly valuable tool and user experience.


The OSIMIS Portal truly enables Aristra to safely share medical imaging data and report over a secure network, supporting a web-based collaborative platform that breaks away from the unreliable systems so many radiologists are struggling with. Deploying a software solution that’s both reliable to use and truly accessible transformed how Aristra supports its clients, with a flexible API seamlessly integrating into its existing network of applications. It’s also designed for rapid deployment and easy for new users to adopt to with minimal training required. “The beauty of the OSIMIS Portal is that we’re able to hide the technical complexity of the infrastructure for the user. Our radiologists praise the user-friendly interface and how it allows them to do what they do best: their job. They don’t have to worry about anything when consulted. They check, assess, report, and share. Our data has never been safer, the process never better. And with its cost-per-usage finance model, the OSIMIS Portal is both cost-effective and easy to scale. It saves us valuable time, money, and continuously improves our service and expertise level towards our customers.”


Preparing the AI-dventure

With its high focus on efficiency and optimisation, Aristra also explores the benefits AI might bring to its service offering.

“The relationship between radiology and AI is growing gradually, and we intend to stay at the forefront of this innovation. With Osimis, we know that we can rely on a like-minded partner to bring AI-driven applications into our workflows when the time is right. We share a goal to make an impact on the industry in the next few years and elevate medtech to the next level.”


Jonas Roesler, Aristra Radiologist & technology adopting frontrunner

Osimis- ROI at-a-glance

Osimis serves hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations around the world with its web-based medical image sharing platform. It delivers a market-leading return on investment with considerable benefits for healthcare professionals who work with medical images and want to step out of the shadow of outdated systems and needless technical issues to maximize their expertise instead. By utilizing the OSIMIS Portal, Aristra leveraged the following powerful benefits:


-       Kick-off – one-day meeting with our technical experts.

-       Integration & Rollout – Osimis fully integrated with Aristra in a matter of days.

-       Gateway Creation – A fully functioning gateway that integrates in the Aristra

        workflow is created in minutes.

-       User Adoption & Training – Users onboard with minimal training, thanks to an

         intuitive UX.

-       Scalability Options – Easy to scale thanks to simplified interface and pay-for-

         usage finance options.

-       Reliability – Cloud-based solution with zero downtime so far.

-       Data Security – 100% GDPR-compliant and secure.

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