Data protection officers

With the regulations becoming increasingly stringent on data protection, the DPO’s role is more crucial than ever.
AI can help.

Setting up a data protection agreement with each vendor is
time consuming

Managing a different point of contact for each and every AI solution is complex

Assuming increased responsibility without a holistic view of systems is impossible

Trust the AI process with Osimis


Use just the one single data protection framework to tackle integration with multiple parties.


As a trusted third party, Osimis guarantees the data protection of your imaging AI related workflows.


Rely on one single point of contact for data protection matters,  neatly organised in a data protection framework.

Be in control

Osimis makes the most of your time, involving the DPO for the right issue at the right moment.

How it works


Osimis is a trusted third party for all data protection matters.

One data protection framework agreement covers amendments for each vendor added to the mix.

Regulatory information is always up to date.

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