Junior Front-End Web Developer job opportunity (filled)

24/09/2015 | Alain Mazy | comments


Do you enjoy building software that makes sense for a sector that makes sense: Health ?

Do you enjoy working on the award winning software Orthanc (Free Software Foundation Awarded in 2015) ?

Do you enjoy working in a fresh startup where you won't be yet another developper ?

If so, this could be an exciting opportunity !

Job Mission

Within Osimis, you will be in charge of producing clean, simple and responsive UIs for our web and desktop applications using state-of-the-art technologies.

You will bring ergonomy and simplicity into the eHealth sector.

Later in the development, you'll get the chance to work on the Back-End too and become a Full Stack developper.

Main technologies we use:
  • Front-End: Bootstrap, javascript, AngularJS and real MVC architecture
  • Back-End: Django
  • Agile methodologies including lots of automated testing

Skills & Requirements


Bachelor/Master in computer science

  • 2-3 years in HTML5, CSS, javascript
  • experience with frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS or any of the 1000 javascript frameworks around
Personal skills:
  • Enjoy writing high quality code to make great software
  • Enjoy making it simple
  • Enjoy happy customers and team mates and understand it's everyone job to make them happy
  • Enjoy learning new stuffs all the time, including by yourself
  • Enjoy sharing information with colleagues and customers
Interested ?

Contact us at jobs@osimis.io

Agency calls not appreciated.

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Alain Mazy

Alain is a Senior developer. Ever since graduation his focus has been on delivering top notch software for innovative companies in the image software business. He’ll run any type of software on any device, ranging from a tiny Raspberry Pi up to supercharged cloud clusters. At Osimis, that’s where all of that combined puts him in the sweet spot of making sure the dev team’s skills are ever increasing and state of the art.