C++/python e-Health Software Developer job opportunity (filled)

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Would you enjoy building software that makes sense for a sector that makes sense: Health ?

Would you enjoy working on the award winning software Orthanc (Free Software Foundation Awarded in 2015) ?

How about working for a startup that is disrupting the medical industry ?

Do you have one brain for web apps backend, one brain for C++, one brain to securise your work and one brain to deploy it on Linux, OSX, Windows, Azure or a Raspberry Pi ?

Then, this could be an exciting opportunity for you !

The Company

Osimis is the first spin-off from CHU Liège. Our mission is to make image management and sharing in healthcare and other sectors simple, powerful and cost efficient through the use of open source software.

Osimis was created alongside Orthanc to help it reach a wider market. Our services help medical specialists and industrials the world over with implementation, management and support for their Orthanc deployments and customizations.

Job Mission

Within Osimis, you will be in charge of developing any kind of applications around Orthanc. This can range from writing Orthanc plugins to automating image transfer between hospitals and developing cloud applications to enable pre-diagnosis algorithms.

You will develop custom applications for our customers as well as Osimis own products.

Main technologies we use:
  • Django for web apps backends
  • C++/Qt for desktop apps
  • Pure C++ for Orthanc plugins
  • Python to automate stuff
  • Bootstrap, AngularJS and real MVC architecture for our UI (your colleagues will handle this part, you'll just provide them with beautifull APIs)
  • Agile methodologies including lots of automated testing

Skills & Requirements


Master in computer science

  • 3-5 years as a C++ developer
  • python/Django experience is a plus
  • experience in securing/deploying web applications
  • experience as a developer in the Health industry is a plus
Personal skills:
  • Excel in writing high quality code to make great software
  • Self starter who enjoys making things simple
  • See the world in terms of hapiness for both customers and team mates
  • Eager to learn new stuff everyday, including by yourself
  • Enjoy sharing information with colleagues and customers
  • You know how to deliver projects
Interested ?

Contact us at jobs@osimis.io

Agency calls not appreciated.

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Osimis team alain

Alain Mazy

Alain is a Senior developer. Ever since graduation his focus has been on delivering top notch software for innovative companies in the image software business. He’ll run any type of software on any device, ranging from a tiny Raspberry Pi up to supercharged cloud clusters. At Osimis, that’s where all of that combined puts him in the sweet spot of making sure the dev team’s skills are ever increasing and state of the art.