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About Orthanc and Osimis

Osimis’ mission is to make image management and sharing in healthcare and other sectors simple, powerful and cost efficient through the use of the open source software ‘Orthanc’.

Orthanc is an open-source DICOM server for medical imaging designed to improve the DICOM flows in hospitals and to support research about the automated analysis of medical images.

Orthanc can turn any computer running Windows, Linux or OS X into a DICOM store (in other words, a mini-PACS system). Its architecture is lightweight and standalone, meaning that no complex database administration is required, nor the installation of third-party dependencies.

Next to its product Orthanc, Osimis provides three services in order to achieve its mission: production support, custom developments and training. These services assist medical specialists and industrials the world over with implementation, management and support for their Orthanc deployments.

Use Case: PV Healthcare

Provision Healthcare is a healthcare campus located in Tennessee that serves physicians and patients by working through local partnerships and local joint ownership.

One of these partners is Provision Diagnostic Imaging, that offers a range of outpatient imaging services to diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

For their digital X-ray imaging modality, the imaging partner needed services to setup a DICOM environment. In order to store, query, move and retrieve images, a mini-PACS was requested, since they were only able to store the images locally on the modality computer. They were unable to connect this imaging modality to the hospital network.

Osimis helped PV Healthcare by installing an Orthanc instance as a mini-PACS on a local server and configuring the storage in line with a given set of requirements. Moreover, custom scripts were developed to be executed on the modality computer to push studies to the server, search studies on the server and download the studies back to the modality computer. A complete procedure documentation was delivered in case reproduction is needed at a later stage.

Representation basic clinic implementation Representation basic clinic implementation

Customer Testimonial concerning Osimis’ services

"Regarding Osimis’ performance, I would say emphatically that your services met or exceeded all my expectations. Alain was helpful on every front, from providing detailed instructions to solving permissions issues in Linux OS. Also, your response to my initial inquiry was rapid and thorough, which I much appreciated. Moreover, the start time for my job was very fast and convenient. I also appreciated you providing a convenient payment method through PayPal for my U.S.A. order.

At this time, I would not offer any recommendations for improvements. However, I shall not hesitate to make suggestions as they come to me. I look forward to working with your group at Osimis in the future."

Research Officer, SIPO Global

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