Multi-centric clinical trials

06/05/2016 | Frédéric Lambrechts | comments

Image based clinical trials are very complex. The more imaging sites, imaging modalities and patients involved, the more complex the trial will be. As medical imaging increasingly becomes important in clinical trials, the demand for a cost efficient, fast and flawless image transfer method to simplify life becomes apparent.

The use of CD’s, VPN or custom proprietary software for image exchange is outdated … we have to evolve to another solution. Why?

  • The use of CD’s is costly, takes time and is very prone to human errors.
  • VPN’s are too costly and complex for multi-site trials. Security and reliability can be an issue and an IT professional is required for the configuration and maintenance.
  • Custom proprietary software increasingly causes interoperability problems due to highly tailored systems and devices that are impossible to integrate with the proprietary PACS.

Osimis has developed a solution that answers this need with the product Cohortis. Cohortis powers all aspects of clinical trials including image intake, image management, core lab image routing, advanced workflow and task management, reporting, and much more.

Cohortis seamlessly integrates with any PACS. A quick configuration enables imaging sites to automate uploads, and thereby eliminate the time consuming anonymisation and matching processes. Alternatively, images can be loaded simply by dragging and dropping files into the Cohortis website or by identifying imaging studies on CD or Hard Drive. Once in the cloud, you can view your images and share them quickly and easily.

Cohortis made sharing simple and secure: it gives you complete control of all your medical images and files. By default, all images are private, but you can choose to share them with anyone in a secure manner. You can share a single imaging study, or a folder with multiple studies and files. You can always see who has access to what images and files, and you can revoke access at any time.

The Cohortis medical image viewer is built to work entirely within a modern web browser, with no plugins or other proprietary technology. This means it works on most operating systems, mobile devices, and smartphones, including Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android.

To analyse the images, the radiologist only needs to connect to Cohortis and complete the report linked to the image.

Cohortis also offers easy and fast follow-up thanks to advanced user tools. You will never miss a trial related deadline thanks to the alerts that you can set. Dashboards give a visual indicator of what is going right… and what is off track. Imaging Sites, CROs and Central Reading Labs each get their dedicated and personalised dashboard. Trial quality can be easily reviewed: the Quality Manager has access to the quality dashboard which presents a series of KPIs that are tracked continuously. An audit trail is kept of all the accesses / actions that happen for every image in the trial.

Reporting to sponsors becomes a matter of simply clicking a button. The alert and notification system ensures that all actors in a trial are and stay on the same page. Ad hoc as well as final reports can be sent instantly to the Trial Sponsor.

Shortly, using Cohortis decreases clinical trial delays and reaches critical go-or-no-go-decisions faster by cutting costs, improving delivery time, and reducing human coding errors.

Learn more about the powerful features and options of Cohortis or sign up for a free trial!

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