Press release - OSIMIS creates its collaborative web platform for medical imaging

07/07/2016 | Frédéric Lambrechts | comments

Liège, July 7, 2016 - 10 months after its creation, Osimis announces a collaborative platform for medical imaging.

Osimis Lify will allow the storage, visualization, analysis and sharing of medical images locally or in the cloud.

About Osimis Lify

  • Osimis Lify allows the aggregation of medical imaging studies by ingesting CD-ROMs (which currently represents 60% of such exchanges) or by connecting to PACS (Picture Archival and Communication Solution: solutions for the storage and management of medical images in a hospital). Imaging modalities can be directly connected to the application. The platform accepts all types of images for radiography, pathology and all kinds of traditional images.

  • Medical studies are stored in a hybrid manner. This means that it is possible to store them on the desktop application, but also online.

  • Once the studies are stored in the database, users can organize them as they see fit within their organization. Tags, per-patient and per-pathology views of the data are all features which facilitate the management of the studies.

  • The visualization of image series is made possible via a web viewer with advanced features. It supports, among other things, multiplanar reconstruction.

  • Osimis Lify is loaded with functionality for remote collaboration, allowing clinicians to request a second opinion to their collegues simply by sharing a web link. A teleconference is set up and each participant has a cursor at their disposal.

  • Sharing studies is facilited by a sharing function within the platform, but also by broadcasting to patients via a customizable publishing portal.

  • The end-goal for Osimis Lify is to offer algorithms for computer-aided decision making. A simple click will allow clinicians to segment organs, apply quantification or qualification algorithms in order to produce an augmented image or a report.

  • Finally, the API of the platform being open, the platform can easily integrate with other medical solutions.

Microsoft, the cloud partner which embraces open source

The storage location which supports the essentials of these features is the cloud. Pooling the infrastructure of multiple sites allows a substantial cost reduction while offering better security and easier access for users.

Osimis Microsoft

"We associated with Azure, the cloud division of Microsoft, which provides us with data storage solutions", explains Frédéric Lambrechts, the CEO of Osimis.

Governance and financing

Member of the founding team, Jacques Galloy now takes the role of president of the board of directors.

Osimis Jacques Galloy

Jacques Galloy: "Osimis shifts into higher gear after a fruitful gestation period. The need to share medical images increases exponentially and Osimis positions itself as a pioneer and innovator in that domain. A spin-off of the CHU of the University of Liège, it already counts six collaborators specialized in medical imaging. This second seed round of EUR 375 000 will allow the hiring of collaborators in order to pursue the development of Osimis Lify. The seed round was funded by the founders and the WING fund, the digital initiative of the Walloon Region managed by the SRIW, which we thank for their commitment by our side.


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