The Web Viewer timeline and variable frame rate support

12/08/2016 | Thibault Piront | comments

In medical imaging, having the best image quality available is not a luxury. It is a requirement. Nevertheless, high-quality imaging comes at a cost: slowness. Our web-viewer provides progressive image loading to tackle this issue.

The timeline

In this context, our featured timeline provides more than a convenient access across the displayed series.

Using a simple color code, it also provides the actual download status of every images:

  • grey - The image has not been downloaded at all
  • red - The image thumbnail has been downloaded
  • orange - The low-quality version of the image has been downloaded
  • green - The lossless-quality version of the image has been downloaded Note the green quality does not always mean the image is lossless: an image saved as compressed in the PACS appears green, since the best quality available has been provided.

Variable frame rate support

The timeline has been enhanced and now features additional controls.

Progressive download on timeline

The play button has been taken from the toolbar. It is now possible to play only specific viewports.

The frame rate can be configured on the fly through a simple panel which appears when the mouse is on top of the play button.

Variable frame rate

By default, the frame rate is set to the related instance DICOM tag or to 30 frame per seconds if the tag is not defined.


Pre-built executable can be downloaded here (available for Windows, OS X, and Linux).

Any questions / feedback –> send them here to Thibault

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Thibault Piront

Since he’s 7, Thibault has been learning the code. Ever since, he’s been passionate about all things digital, with a strong focus on the architecture side of software engineering. At Osimis, Thibault is mainly in charge of creating viewer features (that’s why we call him the Knight Rider) as well as optimizing what is optimizable.