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Many proprietary PACS solutions require their customers to pay for additional PACS connections. Thanks to this Orthanc plugin, it is possible to re-use an existing connection and connect an unlimited number of DICOM nodes.

proprietary PACS solutions require their customers to pay for additional PACS connections

Installing an Orthanc and connecting it to the PACS will litterally take the average PACS admin 10 minutes. Configuring it to activate the PROXY plugin, will take 5 minutes. Once that's done, the possibilities are endless.

The main use case is to add extra visualization consoles to the PACS without paying for an extra connection (By the way, you would not pay 1500 EUR just to open a new TCP port would you ?)

Another typical use case is to perform on-the-fly transcoding of images. Imagine you want to compress your images between the PACS and your console to reduce the bandwidth usage: the DICOM Proxy will do that for you.

Imagine you want to anonymize your images before sending them to a server dedicated to your clinical trials: the DICOM Proxy will do that for you too.

And then, of course, once you have your DICOM Proxy connected, it means that you can connect any number of Orthanc instances to your PACS and automate hundreds of tasks like routing, archiving, backups, pre-fetching, post-fetching, anonymizing, …


The advantages of this set-up are numerous. Not only does this avoid the hospital to have to pay for additional connexions to the PACS, but it also enables the PACS admin to finally make the PACS become a bit more flexible.

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