Osimis Basic Web Viewer plugin

14/10/2016 | Thibault Piront | comments

Since the beginning, Orthanc has benefited from a major, worldwide reception. We believe the reason for this success lies in its philosophy: interoperable, lightweight and open-source.

Inspired by Orthanc's core values, Osimis develops the Osimis' Web Viewers; open-source, zero-footprint medical image viewers.

This viewer is not certified. For a certified viewer with extended functionality, check out the Osimis Pro Viewer.


  • Zero-footprint visualization
  • Intelligent Image Loading
  • Multiple viewports
  • Basic toolset: windowing, zoom, pan, rotate, flip, …
  • Basic measurement/annotation


A demo of Osimis' Web Viewer is available below.

The plugin is available for free within our orthanc package on the download page

Osimis team thibault

Thibault Piront

Since he’s 7, Thibault has been learning the code. Ever since, he’s been passionate about all things digital, with a strong focus on the architecture side of software engineering. At Osimis, Thibault is mainly in charge of creating viewer features (that’s why we call him the Knight Rider) as well as optimizing what is optimizable.