Osimis Pro Web Viewer plugin

14/10/2016 | Thibault Piront | comments

Note: Since April 2020, the Osimis Pro Viewer has been discontinued and is not for sale anymore.

Here's how the Osimis Basic Viewer compares to the Osimis Pro Viewer

Basic Pro
Cross-platform compatible
Annotations (linear, elliptic, rectangular, angle measurement, arrows, text)
Manipulations (windowing, zoom, flip, rotate, pan, magnify)
Image orientation
Hounsfield windowing presets
Measure Hounsfield units at a specific point of a CT study
Cine playback of multiframe sequences
Support of DICOM video files
Series preview in thumbnails
DICOM export
Optimised for use on mobile devices
Integration to EMR/HIS/RIS through URL links
Progressive image loading
CE class 1 declaration of conformity
Liveshare: collaborate with colleagues on medical imaging studies
Secondary capture (single vs. multiple viewports)
And a whole lot more to come

Check our demo


Check the release notes.

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Thibault Piront

Since he’s 7, Thibault has been learning the code. Ever since, he’s been passionate about all things digital, with a strong focus on the architecture side of software engineering. At Osimis, Thibault is mainly in charge of creating viewer features (that’s why we call him the Knight Rider) as well as optimizing what is optimizable.