Osimis Digital Startup Award winner at KIKK Festival

03/11/2016 | Frédéric Lambrechts | comments

The KIKK Belfius Awards recognize the most innovative digital start-ups in Wallonia. The first prize was awarded to Osimis.

The Kikk Namur festival is the festival of digital culture and creative industries. From 3 to 5 November, brings together engineers scientists, designers, architects but also the general public about the innovations from new technologies. Nearly 10,000 people were present. Besides meetings, work-shops and conferences rather reserved for professionals, the common man has indeed access to some 27 start-ups selected in the "Market Kikk", a sort of innovation fair where they present their products and services.

This sixth edition also innovates with the launch of the first digital awards in Wallonia, with the collaboration of Belfius. Objective: To reward the most innovative projects by giving them a small financial boost (30,000 euros are distributed to four winners) and especially visibility, especially to potential investors.

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The jury of renowned personalities in the Belgian digital world, selected the most innovative digital start-ups in Wallonia from nearly one hundred nominations:

  • Osimis was elected digital startup for its high economic development potential by Belfius and Digital Wallonia. Besides the "Digital Start-up" award, Osimis also receives a check of 10,000 euros.
  • The "Start-Up Wallonia" award was given to Hytchers by the Walloon investment fund for digital startups W.IN.G. Hytchers is a collaborative logistics service that allows motorists to carry parcels by the transit across a network. The company receives 7,500 euros.
  • Creative Wallonia Engine Proximus and congratulated the Czech company Koski. She received the "Maker" and 7,500 euros for the creation of a halfway construction set between the physical world and the digital world.
  • Finally, the "Tech & Food" price was given to YouMeal which launched a dedicated online software with nutritional analysis and its impact on human health and the environment. The start-up will also receive a check for 5,000 euros.
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