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The mission

At Osimis, we’re all about improving patient outcome by re-wiring the medical imaging space. Through the use and development of the open source software we disrupt the traditional flow for a newer, more open approach.

In this mission, you’ll be contributing to the FSF awarded Orthanc project.

The job

Within Osimis, you will be in charge of driving the development of our Lify.io web-based platform. * Lead the development team (2 full stack devs + 1 front-end dev) * Define the Application architecture * Drive the product roadmap in a lean way * Participate to development

The main technologies/methodologies we use are:

  • Django for web apps in the backend
  • AngularJS in the frontend
  • Azure cloud
  • Agile methodologies

Skills & Requirements

Education: Master in computer science


  • 3-5 years as a Python developer or equivalent (Ruby, PHP, …)
  • Experience in developing, deploying and securing web applications
  • Scrum master
  • Experience as a developer in the Health industry is a plus

Personal skills:

  • Self starter who enjoys making things simple
  • You're passionate about artificial intelligence
  • Eager to learn new stuff everyday, including by yourself
  • Share knowledge and experience with your team
  • Excel in writing high quality code to make great software
  • See the world in terms of happiness for both customers and team mates
  • You're a good listener
  • You know how to effectively lead a growing development team

Some extra background

Lify.io is a web platform that enables clinical teams, radiologists and hospitals to collaborate around medical images.

Viewing, storing and sharing of medical imaging exams is still complex due to proprietary standards and storage silo’s. Hence, CD’s are currently still the standard.Lify.io enables collection of medical imaging exams through ingestion (CDs or drag’n’drop) or via a connection to a PACS that is simple to set up. Imaging modalities can also be connected straight to lify. The full medical imaging scope is covered from radiology to pathology and video. The imaging exams can be synched to the cloud as well as stored on local devices. Once stored in lify.io, the user can organise the studies thanks to intelligent folders, tags as well as automation. Studies can be viewed with basic as well as advanced viewing functionalities. The rendering of the images is low-bandwidth optimised. Sharing entire imaging studies among users both inside and outside the organisation is a matter of seconds. Moreover, a live sharing capability enables the user to share screens instantly with multiple other users through a live multi-cursor conference call. Finally, since the application has a public API, it’s simple to integrate with other clinical solutions.

Osimis lead dev additional job description

Bottom line

If you expect your next move to involve working in a kick-ass team that is serious about delivering innovation in a sector that will help the world be a better place, in a startup that takes values like openness, personal development and empowerment seriously, wait no longer and hit the button below.

Agency calls not appreciated.

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Alain Mazy

Alain is a Senior developer. Ever since graduation his focus has been on delivering top notch software for innovative companies in the image software business. He’ll run any type of software on any device, ranging from a tiny Raspberry Pi up to supercharged cloud clusters. At Osimis, that’s where all of that combined puts him in the sweet spot of making sure the dev team’s skills are ever increasing and state of the art.