Osimis Customer stories

Veterinary Solutions partners with Osimis for their veterinary X-ray system

Veterinary Solutions is born in a veterinary practice from Hasselt (Be). X-ray systems on the market were far from perfect so they wanted to build the ideal system for veterinary surgeon (horses and small animals). They provide hardware (laptop and x-ray scanner) as well as software solutions. The two pillars of this company, the end product quality and a very efficient support, allows them to acquire more than 200 customers.


Veterinary Solutions wanted to develop their own software solution to match as much as possible customers needs.

  • managing patients data
  • importing and storing medical images from x-ray scanner
  • writing reports based on an examination
  • sharing images with mail, CD, web server,…


The desktop solution must work offline but in the future it will be a full client-server system. Of course in the future, the offline applications will be able to synchronize with others systems. An already existing application was build on an obsolete technology stack making it hard to maintain and almost impossible to convert to a client-server model.

Osimis was able to propose a full custom solution thanks to its expertise in software engineering with modern frameworks and with medical imaging (DICOM, Orthanc).

The full Vsol application consists of:

  • technologies allowing to build a full desktop or a simple browser application
  • an integration of Orthanc between the x-ray and Vsol
  • a fast image viewer (Osimis Web Viewer)
  • user interface adapted to users (e.g. support of touch event)
  • platform independent technologies for the client as well as for the server



Thanks to their expertise in Orthanc and in software engineering, Osimis provided an efficient solution called Vsol to visualize, manage and share patients data. The full Veterinary Solutions system is able to work in an independent and offline way. In the future the solution will be able to be integrate in a full distributed system on the cloud.