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Orthanc PRO & plugins

Orthanc is an open-source, lightweight DICOM server with an ubiquitous Web interface that enables you to upload, receive and transfer DICOM images. It comes with a REST API to automate imaging flows and an SDK to integrate with native applications.


Exchange studies PACS-to-PACS securely via the web, complete with automatic EHR reconciliation and PACS integration in the destination institution.

Osimis PRO Viewer

As an Orthanc plugin, the Osimis Pro Web Viewer is probably the easiest-to-deploy medical image viewer available today. Spreading full-featured medical imaging environment to large number of practicians is as simple as launching an Orthanc executable. It is free and open-source.

Lify, a groundbreaking enterprise imaging platform

The cloud is changing the equation for medical image management. It’s helping practices and physicians avoid heavy upfront investments in high-capacity systems, while boosting speed and efficiency.

MS SQL Storage plugin

Out of the box, Orthanc comes with an integrated SQLite DB. In case large amounts of DICOM files need to be stored and managed in the cloud, this storage plugin comes with plenty of advantages.