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With the introduction of digital imaging in radiology, the interchange of data between institutions already evolved from shipment of films to shipment of CD's. This undoubtedly meant a positive change in terms of costs and became a widely accepted way for the distribution of image data. CD's do have their painful drawbacks though: it's slow, expensive and inefficient.

With Osimis's Interhosp solution you can now exchange studies PACS-to-PACS securely via the web (thanks to the DICOMweb standard). The solution includes an automatic reconciliation procedure that will poll the destination hospital's EHR, update the patient ID in the study, update the EHR with a HL7 record and store the study in the destination PACS.

In case the automatic reconciliation process fails, there's a manual matching interface.

Interhosp is a cost effective solution, that can be combined with other transfer/publication solutions: - on premise web publication portal, - cloud web publication portal, - eHealth transfer solution (BE only)