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Lify, a groundbreaking enterprise imaging platform

Lify is a medical imaging app dedicated to clinical teams, medical specialists, teleradiologists and research teams. It aims to increase collaboration and improve the management of their studies. This innovative solution is helping practices and physicians avoid heavy upfront investments in high-capacity systems while boosting speed and efficiency.

Take control over your medical imaging workflows : securely store and share in a few clicks X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans and other types of medical images, across organisations and systems.

One flexible, customizable & low maintenance platform

Lify takes care of deployment, supports, upgrades, system maintenance and updates, allowing you to focus solely on patient care rather than worrying about IT issues.

Secure, trusted cloud or infrastructure storage

Lify’s secure, trusted and elastic cloud-based storage makes it simple to move all imaging in to one single repository for easy access to priors. Alternatively, store on local infrastructure, in line with your institutional policies

View imaging from anywhere

The Lify zero-footprint HTML5 DICOM viewer is compliant with EC regulations and can be used through any web browser.

Integrate with innovative diagnostic tool providers

A single integration with Lify will yield tons of integrations with independent providers of Computer Aided Diagnosis algorithms and Biomakers.

Lify explanation

With Lify, you can

  • Improve interoperability : connect patients, care providers and facilities
  • la reduce costs: minimize unnecessary duplicate radiation procedures
  • Save time : improve productivity and stop waiting to receive images
  • Grow network accept imaging information from out-of-network facilities