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Anapath dicomisation & web viewer

Solve the “pathology archiving” connundrum by storing whole-slide microscopic imaging under the DICOM format. This open source plugin is the first official implementation of this kind and therewith opens up opportunities for the better exploitation of digital pathology. It comes with a zero-footprint viewer.

Zero Footprint Digital Pathology Viewer

The problem

Proprietary formats in digital pathology have been pushing towards solutions that disable interoperability. Pretty much the same story that took place in the space of radiology medical imaging. As a result, medical images get stuck in silos where the data is stored in an unstructured way.


By storing digital pathology under the DICOM standard, digital pathology can now be stored, accessed and visualized interoperably.

This open implementation of DICOM for whole-slide microscopic imaging, following Supplement 145 of the DICOM standard is divided into two parts:
+ a tool to convert an whole-slide image to the DICOM format, and
+ a zero-footprint Web interface to display such DICOM images.


A demo of Orthanc's Digital Pathology Web Viewer is available below.

It can be integrated inside a typical hospital workflows such as remote consultation, education, clinical research, or long-term archiving.

The source code of the framework is available as free and open-source software, under the terms of the AGPL license. To the best of our knowledge, this is first public, open, reference implementation of DICOM for whole-slide imaging.