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Go beyond the benefits of a traditional PACS. While traditional PACS have been focused on solving the departmental issue of medical image management, they often do not solve the greater issue of image distribution across facilities or even between various departments within a single organization. The capability to distribute and exchange studies is critical to handling medical image management efficiently.

Access to data any time, any place

The world is more digital than ever before. You require information at your fingertips when and where you need it. Osimis mobilizes your imaging data so that you can access, view, and share it from any location.

Simple Deployment

A core advantage of a cloud-based approach is the deployment. With Osimis, there is no great capital investment in hardware or infrastructure, and you do not have to worry about the hardware becoming obsolete or about getting “locked in” with a specific vendor. Best of all, product updates and new features will automatically be rolled into your account every month to ensure you’re running the latest version. Learn more about getting started.

No more:

- Fragile CDs
- Redundant imaging
- Renegade image exchanges
- Manual, error-prone order entry
- Wasted time

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Lify, a groundbreaking enterprise imaging platform

The cloud is changing the equation for medical image management. It’s helping practices and physicians avoid heavy upfront investments in high-capacity systems, while boosting speed and efficiency.