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What's missing? That's you!

You want to leverage your knowledge as a senior developer and would like to grow further in a professional environment. At the same time, you find it great to dig through code along with others. You'd like to share your knowledge and collaborate with others as you master your subject.

You like to develop robust, fast and beautiful user interfaces: from understanding the end-user requirement, designing, programming to continuous deployment. As a good gardener, you take care of the code and make sure it grows organically. Test-driven development and clean code are a good fertilizer for this purpose. With your coaching skills, creative brain and your "fixer" mentality, you embrace challenge and come up with fresh ideas that we like to put into practice. You like to KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid), excell at re-producing proven UI patterns and don't like to re-invent the wheel, so you use pre-existing frameworks.

You can find your way in one or more of the following technologies AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, Web APIs, REST, Azure cloud. But do not be put off by this list; even if you know React, Ember, Meteor, …, you can join us, as long as you like to learn. We'll take your interests into account to make the best match with our development team.

The job requirements

Within Osimis, you will be in charge of handling UI of the HTML5 medical imaging viewer in the broad sense. The user interfaces we design are all responsive and most of our solutions are designed as single-page web apps. You'll also have to make sure that your code delivers nicely on all types of devices and modern browsers.

As we believe the user experience is what makes a product successful, we'll provide you with user stories that we get from our user interviews. You'll turn these user stories in beautifully designed and well coded user interfaces. The software you write can be used in the medical and / or veterinarian market.

What you get in return

Osimis is constantly working on an innovative HR policy, because we are convinced that in addition to a good wage, people attach value to an environment of trust, appreciation and continuous team dynamics in which we can grow together. Our motto is "everyting can be improved", so we're happy to listen to your input and you get the chance to take initiatives forward. We would like to assist you in your further growth through access to trainings, pair programming, war rooms, hackathons etc. We are located in the technologically vibrant Science Park in Liège. Excited? Join us!

Applying made easy

Do you recognize yourself in the above and this sounds like an opportunity for you, then you're "in the game". Let us know who you are and what you're capable of. Forget the traditional motivation letter. Tell us how you have addressed such challenges in the past and / or feel about addressing them in the future. Do not write long epistles, but keep it short and simple in 1 or 2 paragraphs. No need to send a detailed resume. If you have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, just send us a link to your profile or other stuff that show your expertise like your GitHub profile, blogs, videos, … We are looking forward to your post. You can expect quick response from us when you apply. Freelancers are welcome to submit applications too.

Osimis is on a mission

At Osimis, we’re all about improving patient outcome by re-wiring the medical imaging space. Through the use and development of open source software we disrupt the traditional flow for a newer, more open approach.

In this mission, you’ll be contributing to the Free Software Foundation awarded Orthanc project.

Bottom line

If you expect your next move to involve working in a kick-ass team that is serious about delivering innovation in a sector that will help the world be a better place, in a startup that takes values like openness, personal development and empowerment seriously, wait no longer and hit the button below.

Agency calls not appreciated.

Some extra background

You'll mostly work on the Osimis Basic and Pro viewers , a medical image viewer that can harnass radiology, digital pathology, video, 3D imaging, and more.

Viewer interface

This viewer comes as a separate product but is also integrated in Osimis' web-based platform Lify enables viewing, storing, sharing of medical imaging in both cloud en enterprise set-ups. It's a state of the art tool used by hospitals and research centers. It integrates with computer aided diagnosis algorithms that will produce data that will need to be rendered in the viewer in a user friendly fashion.

Lify interface

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Alain Mazy

Depuis l’obtention de son diplôme, il s’est concentre sur la distribution de logiciel de premier ordre pour des entreprises innovantes dans le secteur des logiciels d’imageries. Il exécute n'importe quel type de logiciel sur tout type d’appareil, allant du Raspberry Pi aux solutions clouds avancées. Chez Osimis, où tout cet ensemble est combiné, il est dans la position délicate de s’assurer que les compétences de l’équipe sont toujours grandissantes et au sommet de leur art.