Osimis Services

Open-source software is not charity. The development and maintenance of Orthanc is funded by companies who need new features or support to run their business and who recognize the value of Free Software.

At Osimis, we provide different types of services around Orthanc:

Custom developments

Many Orthanc features were actually requested and funded by external companies. As the main developers of Orthanc, we are certainly the best suited to develop these features.

Besides Osimis who has funded most of the recent developments, here are a few examples of features that have been funded by our industrial customers:

Besides implementing new features in Orthanc as open-source code, we can also help you write scripts/plugins that are specific to your use cases and that can therefore remain proprietary.

Note that Osimis is also currently finalizing its Stone of Orthanc library. With that library, Osimis will be able to deliver customized Web DICOM Viewers that can be embedded in a web application. This service will be available by Q4 2020.

Cloud plugins

Osimis provides 5 plugins in order to run Orthanc and store data by the main cloud providers.

These plugins are available as free and open-source software. However, the binaries are only delivered to companies who have subscribed to a support contract. This is a way for us to ensure that companies relying on Orthanc for storing critical medical data receive the support they need. We also believe that the cloud providers should not be the only one getting money from you 😉. Of course, if you still want to use these plugins without subscribing to a support contract, we provide compile instructions so that you can build the binaries by yourself.

Note that the PostgreSQL and MySQL plugins can also be used in cloud environments. Since these servers are open-source as well, Osimis does not restrict the access to their binaries.

Orthanc support

Osimis employees are very active on the Orthanc users group which is a great source of support. However, in this forum, we can only provide generic responses and there's no guarantee of service.

That's why we also provide support contracts in which we can really spend time with you analyzing your particular problems, discussing the best options for your applications. By purchasing such a support contract, you also get access to the cloud plugins (cf. above).

Note that the Osimis support packs are mainly targeted at Software developers/integrators. Hospital ITs are encouraged to look at our integrated Lify platform. Other users such as small doctor practices are invited to check this list of professionals who can also provide assistance with Orthanc setup and configuration, hopefully in their time zone and language.

Support packs
for Orthanc
Access to Orthanc Book:
Access to Orthanc users group:
  • General purpose questions
  • No guarantee to get a response
  • No personalized support
  • No SLA
Access to binaries:
Access to Docker images containing:
  • Aws S3 plugin
  • Azure Blob Storage plugin
  • Google Cloud Storage plugin
  • Azure SQL/MSSQL plugin
  • Google Cloud Platform plugin
Personalized support:
  • Provided by DICOM experts and Orthanc developers
  • With SLA
Dual license for lua/python:
  • Allows you to keep your lua scripts and python plugins proprietary if you distribute Orthanc to your users or use Orthanc in your Saas application in conjunction with an AGPL plugin
  • Check the licensing page for full details


Orthanc Community Free
Support packs for Orthanc:
  • 30 hours of personalized email support valid for 12 months
  • Access to all binaries for 12 months
  • SLA: 16 business hours initial response time
Contact us

Description of the support packs

We can assist you in integrating Orthanc within your environment:

  • Help you install Orthanc
  • Troubleshoot DICOM connectivity issues, i.e: customize C-Find requests/response for specific modality manufacturers, record/analyze DICOM traffic, analyze your DICOM files...
  • Help you integrate Orthanc in another application, using the Rest API
  • Help you develop scripts (lua or python) to empower your Orthanc installation

Developing new features in Orthanc or in one of its plugins is not covered by the support contract and is priced on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a quote if you have a specific task in mind.

Your support contract grants you 30h of support every year. Hours that are not consumed within the year are not moved to the next year. Instead, we'll use that time (and money) to improve Orthanc.


The Orthanc ecosystem is open-source and free to use. However, because of the licenses used in the ecosystem (GPLv3 and AGPLv3), if you modify Orthanc, one of its plugins or write a new plugin, you might have to either release your code publicly or purchase a commercial license that will allow you to keep your code proprietary.

Licensing is a very complex topic that is discussed in details in the orthanc-book. If you still have doubts or are willing to purchase a commercial license, feel free to contact us.

Where to buy

To buy support packs for Orthanc or get information about dual-licenses, please send an e-mail to address: