Osimis Services

Orthanc PRO support

+ Webviewer pro
Access to Orthanc book
Access to Orthanc users group:
  • General purpose questions
  • No garantee to get a response
  • No personalized support
  • No SLA
30h hours personalized support per year:
  • provided by DICOM experts and Orthanc developers
  • With SLA
Use Osimis Pro Viewer (CE marked HTML viewer)
pricing* Free 250 EUR/month 625 EUR/month

*Support contracts are invoiced yearly at the beginning of the period (3000 EUR for orthanc-pro or 7500 EUR for orthanc-pro + viewer). Extra support hours (exceeding the 30h quota) are charged 90 EUR/hour and are invoiced at the end of each quarter.

Description of the support

The support is intended to cover work that is required to “make & keep things running”, such as bugfixing, security patches, and compatibility maintenance. We'll also assist you integrating Orthanc in your environment:

  • Install Orthanc
  • Help you connect it with your modalities
  • Troubleshoot DICOM connectivity issues, i.e: customize C-Find requests/response for specific modality manufacturers, record/analyze DICOM traffic, analyze your DICOM files, ...
  • Help you integrate Orthanc in another application (for software vendors)

Adding of new features to Orthanc or one of its plugins is not covered by the support contract and is priced on a case-by-case basis, please contact us for a quote if you have a specific task in mind.

Contribute to the development of Orthanc

Ever thought how much it would cost you if you were not using Orthanc ? Ever thought of donating to open-source projects ?

Your support contract grants you 30h of support every year. We really hope that you'll have such a great experience with Orthanc that you won't consume your quota. Hours that are not consumed within the year are not moved to the next year. Instead, we'll use that time (and money) to improve Orthanc. By purchasing a support contract, you'll become one of the Orthanc's financial contributor and the whole Orthanc community will thank you for that!