Site Reliability Engineer


Full time

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will be part of a team of rolling out, monitoring and maintaining the Osimis Gateway at our customers. Overall this team is assuring that AI services requested by the customer are available.


Osimis is a rapidly growing health tech start-up based in Liège. Our core mission is to transform the way radiologists and other physicians work with medical imaging through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). We distribute imaging AI solutions to hospitals and integrate them in clinical workflows, delivering deep and seamless integrations that unlock the full potential of imaging AI for the greater benefit of patients and physicians. In this way, we help improve healthcare cost-efficiency and patients’ outcomes.

Our AI integration platform, which is composed of both on-prem and cloud-based (mostly SaaS) components, addresses the needs of a rapidly growing number of hospitals, physicians, patients and third-party imaging solution providers.

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will be part of a team of rolling out, monitoring and maintaining the Osimis Gateway at our customers. Overall this team is assuring that AI services requested by the customer are available.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Implementing software to manage and automate Osimis' operational activities (e.g. deployment model and Dashboard deployment management CLI)
  • Set up and maintain the software infrastructure necessary for the operation of Osimis applications (e.g. compute and storage resources from CSPs such as Exoscale, CBlue, Azure and AWS for the OSIMIS Dashboard and a set of legacy products).
  • Use and improve Osimis' application monitoring and alerting systems (e.g. evolution of Grafana visualization panels and Prometheus alerting rules).
  • Evolve the software architecture of Osimis solutions through Osimis on-premises and cloud services in order to reduce or highly simplify the infrastructure needs of customers (e.g. solution for remote access for maintenance)
  • Deploy and maintain (e.g. upgrade operations, data migrations, reconfigurations, etc) Osimis applications (e.g. OSIMIS Gateway, OSIMIS Dashboard, and a set of legacy products in active phase-out).
  • Deploy and maintain the software services necessary for the development of Osimis applications (e.g. CI: Jenkins, Artifact repository: Nexus).
  • Install and maintain the system components necessary to deploy Osimis applications on the client infrastructure (e.g. Docker for the OSIMIS Gateway and a set of legacy products).
  • Negotiate the software infrastructure needed to operate Osimis' on-premises applications with clients (e.g. virtual machines, storage space, network connectivity).
  • Regular review of the Osimis installation portfolio.
  • Writing procedures and guidelines about all Osimis operation and support activities.
  • Document various operational activities of Osimis to ensure good traceability.
  • Provide support to customers (questions, feature requests, problem resolution requests)


  • Master degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or relevant fields
  • You have good knowledge of computer networking and IT processes, and you have a Security and Quality mindset;
  • You have the ability to navigate systems to isolate issues, you understand host system resources and their capacity, and you understand or want to learn system resources abstractions such as virtualization and containerization;
  • You can read and understand software documentation and code, you can manipulate and navigate source control software to coordinate deployments and inspect software history to understand program behavior;
  • You have the ability or want to learn how to write declarative infrastructure descriptions : Docker-compose files, Kubernetes manifests, etc.;
  • You have at least some basic knowledge of Docker and Linux, having the interest and motivation to acquire any other technical skill is crucial;
  • You communicate, report and coordinate between development team and customers efficiently, you are customer- and delivery oriented, you have a problem-solving, commercial and strong can-do attitude;
  • Having some years of experience as an OPS Engineer, Integration Engineer or IT Delivery lead is a plus.
  • Having interest in medical software/devices and hospital IT environments is a plus.
  • You’re fluent in English, having some basic knowledge of French and/or Dutch is a plus.

Benefits & Perks

  • The opportunity to have a major and direct impact on a project that contributes to better and more cost-efficient healthcare for patients all over the world
  • A unique experience in health tech, medical imaging and artificial intelligence 
  • Competitive compensation
  • A stimulating working atmosphere, surrounded by a passionate team of highly driven and competent individuals
  • Wide and diverse community and network of partner companies in healthcare tech
  • Attend conferences on the topics that interest you and can help you do a better job
  • You will be fully equipped to do your job
  • Flexible working time and possibility to work up to 2 days remotely
  • Regular team events (restaurants, team building, activities,...)

Some of our core values include: Customers first; Open science is the future of healthcare; Think outside the (healthcare) box; Make mistakes; Be lazy (in the productive sense); Only "no ego" doers; Freedom & responsibility; Have fun & be happy

Equal Opportunity Employer

At Osimis we aim to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We believe that diversity of experience, perspectives and backgrounds leads to a better environment for our people and better products for our clients.

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