Lumbar spine AI solution CoLumbo joins the Osimis AI Platform

AI to the lumbar spine AId - lumbar spine AI solution CoLumbo joins the Osimis AI Platform

The CoLumbo software reduces the total examination time by up to 55% and reduces errors of omissions by up to 15%, contributing to the overall radiology efficiency goals of the Osimis platform.

Liege (Belgium), April 27th, 2023 - Osimis, a leading AI platform solution provider for radiology professionals, today announces the introduction of a new highly qualified technology partner to its dynamic AI platform solution. The computer-aided lumbar spine analysis and diagnostics algorithm CoLumbo will enable healthcare providers throughout the BeNeLux region to seamlessly access and integrate lumbar spine MRI data to detect and treat spinal conditions, including disk herniation and central/foraminal stenosis.

AI to the back pain rescue

Back pain and spinal conditions are widespread across the adult population. Studies have revealed that up to 23% of adults across the world suffer from some form of chronic lower back pain, with a one-year recurrence rate of 24% to 80%. In fact, some estimates of lifetime back pain prevalence are as high as 84% in this demographic. This indicates areal need for technologies that empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge, insights, and data they need to provide the best possible treatment for their patients.

Lumbar spine MRI scans are the second most common form of MRI study after those dedicated to brain function, enabling medical professionals to diagnose the best surgical or conservative treatment accurately. CoLumbo reads, segments, and measures spine MRI scans to provide suspected pathology descriptions, findings, and measurements with pre-populated structured or free-text report. The software reduces the total examination time by up to 55% and reduces errors of omissions by up to 15%. CoLumbo is CE mark and FDA 510(K) certified and is cleared for clinical use in Europe and the USA.

Joint efforts for common goals

“As a specialist provider of lumbar spineMRI diagnostics, we want to be able to reach our users in a safe, reliable, andGDPR-compliant manner,” says Nikolay Todorov, Chief Commercial Officer at CoLumbo. “The Osimis dynamic AI platform provides that stability while connecting us with a community of like-minded professionals who see the transformative benefits of healthcare elevated through AI. Joining the Osimis AI Platform will grow the market awareness of our innovative lumbar spine MRI technology, as we’ll now be able to reach more hospitals and clinical settings across theEuropean market. At the same time, we hope to help accelerate the market’s joint efforts to provide radiology professionals with the best AI solution out there by contributing our market and tech expertise to the Osimis community hub.”

Integrating the CoLumbo Spine Assistant onto the Osimis AI platform follows the recent addition of more healthcare AI specialists into the solution. It now boasts one of the most comprehensive vendor-agnostic medical imaging solutions for radiologists in Europe.

“Our goal here at Osimis is to contribute to better healthcare for everyone,” comments Prof. Dr. Sergey Morozov, ChiefInnovation Officer at Osimis. “Artificial intelligence is making incredible headway in many areas of medical care, including the detection of cancer cells. But with issues, injuries, and conditions related to back pain continuing to grow year after year, there’s a clear need for radiologists in this area. Our promising new partnership with the CoLumbo technology will connect these professionals with bleeding-edge lumbar spine MRI scans as part of a widerAI-powered solution. We see that as a significant step forward not just for Osimis and our partner ecosystem but the healthcare sector as a whole.”

With the addition of several reputed AI market players to the AI platform in 2022, including contextflow, icometrix, Lunit, Milvue, Pixyl, and Therapixel, CoLumbo joins an already comprehensive medical imaging solution. With the Osimis AI platform already integrated into12 major hospitals in 4 different countries spanning 2 continents in 2022alone, Osimis’ trajectory for 2023 continues to soar.

More information is available on the website about this AI-powered medical imaging platform technology, relevant use cases, and access to helpful resources on the overall benefits of leveraging AI in a radiology department and wider clinical setting.

About Osimis

Osimis is a pioneer in the field of medical imaging software solutions, associated solutions, and related services aimed at enabling interoperability between players in the clinical and medical research fields. Incubated by WSL and located in Liège (Belgium), the company was created following the worldwide success of Orthanc, which it co-created. It now employs 15 people and services customers in 4countries and 2 continents. Osimis has developed a medical imaging AI integration platform, offering hospitals a single integration technology touchpoint for multiple AI vendors (including no less than 6 of the radiology market’s top performers). The solution also delivers a deep and seamless integration into existing workflows to maximise patients’ outcomes and optimise hospitals’ return on AI investments.

Collab Osimis and CoLumbo

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