Training AI models without data sharing AND improving breast cancer MRI analysis - Osimis joins ODELIA project

The EU-funded ODELIA project aims to revolutionise AI in healthcare through Swarm Learning (SL) by building the first open-source software framework for SL. The consortium has carefully curated a partner network to develop the first clinically useful AI algorithm for detecting breast cancer in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), using a federated learning approach. As a winner of Horizon Europe grant, Osimis will be a proud contributor to the project. The result will prove to be an invaluable medical application and a testimony to the clinical benefit of SL in terms of accelerated development, increased performance, and robust generalisability to improve treatment and healthcare for European patients. Over the next five years, ODELIA aims to overcome the obstacles of data collection in healthcare by utilising SL, where partners work together to train AI models without the need to share any personal patient data. Follow the progress on LinkedIn!