How a platform-independent approach can reduce the complexity of AI adoption for the IT department


AI comes as a challenge for the IT service.

There are multiple vendors that requires integration with the PACS and that requires the deployment of multiples servers to host integration technology. Therewith increasing the risk of security breaches (opening firewalls).

The institutions have 3 options for integrating the AI solutions:

  • Integration by AI vendor directly: each AI vendor comes with their own integration stack.
  • Integration through a PACS vendor platform: most PACS vendors have now extended their traditional PACS storage and viewing capabilities with an AI offering.
  • Integration through an independent AI integration platform: with the AI market now maturing, this kind of integration providers space has been on the rise since 2 years now.


The objective of this article is to compare the integration by AI vendor directly vs integration through an independant AI integration platform from the IT perspective.


Leverage limited numbers of IT  and human resources reduces risk, embrace innovation.

  • Totally outsourced
  • No technical requirement from IT
  • Osimis manage the problems
  • Just one DPA signed with Osimis, not with all AI Vendors
  • Osimis is the only entry point to the PACS
  • Neutral approach, expert advisory
  • Broad solutions of Vendor AI
  • Flexible plug-and-play capabilities
  • Less expensive than with multiple AI vendors
  • No global vision

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