When information source LN24 asks how AI is impacting business and radiology, we comply

Can you share your thoughts on the impact of AI on Belgian businesses? Live. On-screen. For thousands of viewers. We did not hesitate to share how AI has shaped the business of the Osimis platform and how it has allowed us to position ourselves at the AI-platform forefront for radiology departments everywhere. Read on to view our guest contribution on the LN24 show. This aired Friday October 21st.

AI has become a synonym for optimisation. 

Whether it's about making sure ongoing business runs more smoothly, or sourcing new opportunities, more than industry is investigating the benefits of AI.

And so is the press. When Belgian information source LN24 reached out to ask if we could join their panel session, we did not hesitate to answers their questions.

#1 – How did AI shape the Osimis business model?

#2 - Will AI replace human radiologists?

#3 - How does Belgium perform in the AI market?

#4 – Any final takes on AI?

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