AI fit for you

The Osimis methodology

Each AI solution and vendor is submitted to initial rigorous quality controls and checks that are frequently updated. It's the only way to make sure you can try, run, and monitor at the need and speed your radiology departments wants.

Discover the Osimis parameters:

Clinical & Scientific expertise

ECLAIR-based, Model facts, TRIPOD

Technical excellence

IT-audit, DevOps methodology

Quality assurance

Regular internal and external quality audits are performed

Regulatory compliance

CE mark

Data protection


Operational guarantee

ROI, efficiency, performance

Try, Run & Monitor

Seamless integration into the radiology workflow

We can implement the AI platform in any DICOM and HL7 workflow. No kidding, we were the original co-editors of the open source software, Orthanc, we know pretty much everything there is to know about smooth integrations. 

Plug-and-play activation

Selecting and trying a new AI service is just a matter of a few clicks for your PACS admin. Select, click, confirm - hit the ground running,

Single PACS integration

You get a vendor unified AI vendor integration interface with the PACS, completely secure and with a user-friendly design. Single Source of PACS, let's keep it simple.

Single point of contact

All subscribers can count on their own expert team. Dedicated support and maintenance services for all products available on the platform, whenever you need it.

Central billing

One platform, one bill, one happy purchasing and accounting department. Osimis centralises all bills for the different products you purchase on the platform.

Helicopter overview

Operational excellence comes from close monitoring. All the information you need, available at all times. From the smallest detail like tracking SLAs to top-down annual reports on performance results.

Failure registry

We avoid any AI service failure at all costs, but rest assured we track and register every occurrence. It's the only way to guarantee hospital & patient safety, and improve the quality of our partners' services.

Vendor unified interface

Osimis makes the best possible use of cloud-based integration technologies so you get a unified customer experience across all AI services.



No quality, no scale. Our supplier evaluation methodology provides a quality-based choice, spanning all of the 6 domains. 

Our development & operations processes are standardised, documented and regularly audited.

By collecting actual information from operational processes and benchmarking the service performance against KPIs we can ensure that the preset quality standards are met.


All features in the OSIMIS Platform have been developed with the 'security by design' principle in mind.

That's why you'll see the OSIMIS Gateway doesn’t accept any outbound calls.

Data protection

Osimis acts as a trusted third party when it comes to data protection.

It guarantees that the Data Protection Agreement that is agreed with the hospital will be respected at all times by the different vendors.

We believe this is the only way to ensure data protection, confidentiality and liability to protect the patients and the hospital.

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PACS administrators


Data protection officers


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