contextflow SEARCH Lung CT

contextflow SEARCH Lung CT

contextflow SEARCH Lung CT

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CT scans in which lung-specific image patterns should be identified and interpreted


Certified, Class IIa , MDR

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October 1, 2019

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contextflow is your comprehensive solution for all things lung CT: ILD, COPD, and lung cancer. Its clinical decision support system (SEARCH Lung CT), offers quantitative and qualitative analysis of 8 key image patterns and lung nodule detection, segmentation and quantification. By integrating new technology from partner RevealDx, nodules can be further characterized, detecting lung cancer earlier and reducing costs (publication forthcoming). contextflow SEARCH Lung CT includes a TIMELINE feature that even quantifies and visualizes nodules over time, allowing physicians to follow treatment progress easily and efficiently. Fully integrated into the radiologist's workflow, our preliminary research shows average reading time is 31% shorter when contextflow SEARCH Lung CT is available for use (European Radiology July 2022). See beyond a single case at

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3D chest CT scans of the lungs

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Automatically, right after the image acquisition

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