icobrain tbi

icobrain tbi

icobrain tbi

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Disease targeted

Traumatic brain injury


Acute, subacute and chronic brain trauma


Certified, Class I , MDD

On market since

July 10, 1905

ClinicalĀ information

Ibobrain TBI objectively track axonal injuries in individual head trauma patients. The solution produces an objective radiological reporting with accurate and standardised measurements to monitor neurological disorders in clinical practice.It gives the following information : General informationQC : Status of semi automated quality control (Approved / Approved with remarks / rejected) and remarks on the quality of the original images and the segmentation.Visual results : Color-coded segmentation of FLAIR white matter (WM) hyperintensitiesBrain volumes information<em>(corrected for head size)</em>:  Annualised volume change, population graphs, the current and previous time points , the error bars and Regional FLAIR WM hyperintensities volume chart are included in the report

DiseaseĀ targeted

Traumatic brain injury

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Technical information


For MRI: 3D T1 weighted image and 3D FLAIR For CT: non-contrast CT image

Integration types

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Automatically, right after the image acquisition, On demand, triggered by a user through e.g. a button click, image upload, etc.

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